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RealEstateBuySellExchange.com is a new website and has been in testing mode for several weeks. Listed below are just the beginnings of the testimonials we will be posting about the services, ease of use and effectiveness of this website. We want to hear from you, click here, send us an email.

RealEstateBuySellExchange.com is not a real estate company, mortgage company, or an appraisal company. We are a marketing company and therefore do not share in commissions. Any adult can use this site, we offer free listings and also paid listings, $29.95 or 10 weeks, $69.95 for 26 weeks.

My house was on the market for five months without a nibble. I used your free service, posted the house and got three prospects the first week. Wow, this was so easy I cannot believe you offer such a great service. Warren Chicago IL

After spending nearly $2000 on advertising in newspapers and other real estate web site a friend of mine told me about your service. I cam to your site, listed my property for the free service and sit back. Then I thought what the heck, I will buy your Deluxe service listing and the same day got an offer. I dont send testimonials but this was unbelievable. Keep up the good work. Robert H

Your web site was a blessing, it took just a couple minutes to list our house for sale and you we right, there was no hidden costs. Free is good. Thank you for being honest and we will recommend your site to all our friends. Bonnie Miami FL Listing our property was very easy and within in a few hours we got an email from a possible buyer. After exchanging information we made a deal and within four days we got our property into escrow. Thanks! Darrel G.

The testimonials listed below were obtained while this web site was in testing and beta stage.

With the help of your site we were able to ask the right questions and tailor a mortgage that fit our life style. We enjoyed reviewing your website. Thanks. Abe V. CO

We wanted to own a timeshare and really did not know all the facts about timeshares. It was a pleasure using RealEstateBuySellExchange.com. Fast and easy to obtain info, this is going to be the best real estate site ever when completed. Thanks for allowing us to be part of the early stages of your development. BTW, now I want to buy a timeshare and you need a bunch of listings for me to select from. M/M Robert C. Chicago, IL

I hated all the other real estate websites that made me give my credit card just to look at what they had to offer. It was refreshing to see an honest website that gives the consumer a real break. Nice work. Ronald S. St. Louis MO

I cannot wait until this website becomes fully operational, I have already been successful in obtaining a piece of real estate at my price. Thanks for letting me be part of the testing of REBSE, I think you have a great product to offer all real estate people and best of all it is free. Dan E. Dallas, TX

We want to hear from you, click here, send us an email.