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Hiring a real estate agent, is it a good or bad idea? Today, many people try to buy and sell their own real estate. This could be a savings in money (commissions) but this could also cost you a fortune in the long run.

Whether you are the buyer or seller of a piece of real estate, it is a major financial and emotional undertaking for most people. Some people find it nearly impossible to let go of a property regardless of the price being negotiated.

It is best to understand the true role of the real estate agent. A real estate agent job is to be the link between buyers and sellers. Real estate agents are knowledgeable of rules / regulations and have the ability to attract more buyers and sellers through their network than a private individual buying or selling their property.

The vast amount of time spent by the real estate agent behind the scenes is huge. A good agent will attract numerous potential buyers, field many phone calls, show / examine the property with the client and have all the approved paperwork ready for any type of transaction.

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Over the past 21 years of being online, we have developed many connections with quality companies and individuals. has dozens of quality real estate agents we know of throughout the United States and even worldwide. does not have a real estate license, we are any advertising company designed to help buyers and sellers find each other.

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