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This is "NOT" a Multi Level Marketing Program

Affiliate Program Definition:
An Affiliate Program is a simple arrangement in which a company ( pays an Affiliate (YOU) a percentage of the gross sale for every customer you send to our web site. Usually, an Affiliate Commission is very small, but not at We pay 35% commission of gross sale amounts you personally make.

Two-tier Affiliate Program Definition:
Two-tier Affiliate Program is whereby Affiliates earn commissions on sales of customers they send to this web site, PLUS a commission (Reward) on all persons they refer to this web site who becomes an Affiliate. The Reward Commission for bringing people to become Affiliates on is a bonus of 35% of gross income of each Affiliate sale they make.

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to the Two-tier Affiliate Program. This Affiliate Program is FREE to Join, no registration fee, no cost to participate, no annual fee, and is available to persons worldwide and open to any adult interested in making money on a part time or full time basis.

We proudly offer the largest commissions, easiest to use, most sophisticated state-of-the-art Affiliate Program.

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One of the many unique features about our Two-tier Affiliate Program is the one year referral credit. For example, when someone arrives at our web you sent from your referral, they become your customer for a minimum of one year! Even if the potential customer does not buy on their initial visit, as long as they return to this web site (by any link, search engine, or however) any time over the next 365 days and buys an premium advertising, you will be given a full commission. If that customer continues to purchase any paid advertisement each year, they will be your customer for life. Two-tier Affiliate Program is 100% fully automated, you are notified in real time upon each customer purchase and customer purchase of Affiliates you referred to this program.

We offer the opportunity for each of the following categories to advertise, real estate buyers, sellers, traders, rental properties, lease properties, time shares, and 32 other related real estate businesses can purchase advertisements on this web site.

Our Affiliates receive a 35% commissions of the gross sale of any paid advertisements on this web site. Also, you will earn a 35% bonus commission on all commissions paid to any Affiliates you referred to our Affiliate Program. All renewals are treated the same as an original sale and full commission is given.

After registering, you will be instantly sent a confirmation email and instructions on how to enter the secure Affiliate only section which is filled with tips and insider information on how to generate large commission checks.

Please Note: As stated above, this is NOT a Multi Level Marketing Program!
It is perfectly acceptable to only sell directly and never adds an Affiliate under you. You still continue to make 35% gross commission on every Advertisement you sale on whether you have Affiliates or not.

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